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Sustainability is our generation’s greatest challenge.

How can we achieve balance in our fragile environment and help protect future generations? EcoChallenge accompanies you on your iPhone every day with information and reminders. The well-researched arguments will help you to convince your friends.

Challenges: EcoChallenge presents you with two new challenges a week and all the supplemental information required to help you understand topics such as local produce, energy efficient lighting or transportation. You can discover that small changes make big differences!

Compare: EcoChallenge keeps track of your successes and allows you to share them with others. Get your friends involved—take the challenge!

Variety: The App isn’t just about the challenges. You'll get weekly updates with new topics, info graphics and calculators. This keeps it fun and interesting.

Constant companion: EcoChallenge and your iPhone are always there to help live a more sustainable life. It can even help you realize previously unknown goals.

Available now: The EcoChallenge App is available for download on the App Store . Stay up to date and follow us on Twitter or become a friend Facebook.

Cut only as much wood as the forest can bear!
As much wood as will grow again!
— Hans Carl von Carlowitz, 1713

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