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EcoChallenge is your companion towards a more sustainable lifestyle

The EcoChallenge App is your handy adviser, helping you achieve sustainability in your daily life. The detailed info graphics help the user develop an understanding and awareness of current topics. The helpful tips allow the user to change their habits step by step and achieve their goals of being more eco friendly.

Every week we add a new topic related to sustainability to maintain the users interest. You'll discover that small changes can make big differences. Topics such as Local produce or Energy efficient lighting help provide small, but effective solutions.

Using the integrated calculator, the user can monitor their personal footprint and compare it to the national averages.

At the heart of EcoChallenge are, of course, the challenges that can easily be integrated into on daily lives. Every week each topic reveals two assignments that the user attempts to complete using everything they have learned from the topic. Comparing results with you friends on Facebook isn’t just fun, it also wakes the competitive spirit.

EcoChallenge isn’t the miracle cure for a more sustainable society, but strives to help as many people as possible with the first step in the right direction.

Who’s behind EcoChallenge?

EcoChallenge is part of the research project EcoViz from the Interaction Design Lab of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and Raureif GmbH.

Open Source

The source code of EcoChallenge was published under the GPL 3.0 and is available here:

Excluded from the GPL license are all photos, images, fonts and editorial content that are delivered in the version available on Apple’s App Store.

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Let us know! We love hearing suggestions and solid project ideas.

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